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Choice of a Legal Case Management System - Technical Aspects to Consider

14 November 2017

Web based systems used by logging in through internet are getting more common also in law firms. However, there seems to be some confusion about the differences between desktop applications and web browser based systems and their impact in practice.

Therefore, I would emphasize considering the following aspects when choosing a practice management software:

1. Performance/speed

Typically, downloadable computer specific desktop applications...

Legal Tech gaining a stronger position in the Nordics

05 October 2017

The Nordic Legal Tech Day took place in Stockholm already the third time. The event arranged by LegalWorks has doubled the number of attendees each year since its start, which gives an indication of legal tech development and its rapidly growing market.

Tools are developing continuously and at a faster rate, so both suppliers and users have to keep up to date on available tools. A day in the event did give a good overview of the status of legal...

Lexpo ´17: keys to succeed in the legal industry survival game

20 June 2017

The Lexpo ’17 innovation event offered plenty of food for thought. The change in the legal industry is inevitable, and in order to succeed in the highly competitive market, law firms have to find new responses.  

Client is the king

Jordan Furlong highlighted the fact that law is today a buyer’s market. Digitalization has made buyers of legal services more knowledgeable and demanding. They require better service and cheaper prices looking...

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