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29 November 2019

The first CSI Lawyer version was published already 11 years ago. Since then, we have continuously developed its functionality according to our clients' needs and regulatory changes. The annual version updates have brought, for example, the review process of preliminary invoices, e-invoicing, assignment phases, sub-assignments, dashboards, mailing lists and management of customer identification. The list is long. Fewer changes have taken place in the system's user interface, although customer expectations regarding the usability have also increased.


11 October 2019

The race on features is tough. You have to offer superior features - or at least they have to be better than your competitors.

That's what we've gotten used to. Cars are sold with the best performance and additional features or with advanced environmental friendliness. Your choice of a computer is either the highest-performing machine, the hottest novelty, or the best value for money. Similarly, different systems are compared based on their functionality, even if most of it might be unnecessary.

Google Sprint speeding up CSI's product development

18 August 2017

Those were the four reasons for CSI Helsinki to spend a week in a Google Sprint workshop facilitated by Red & Blue, a Finnish brand and product design studio. The sprint model developed by Google Ventures aims at resolving a company's business challenge within a week. We needed to find out what kind of tool would best support busy lawyers in case-related time entries and routines.

Strong assumptions - and...