12 April 2018

Lexpo´18 focuses on knowledge

Last year was CSI's first time at Lexpo, the leading legal innovation event held in Amsterdam. The experience was so positive that we are now getting prepared for Lexpo´18 which has four themes;

  • Business Intelligence & Data Science discusses how law firms can utilize their huge amount of data to improve profitability, develop client relationships and optimize their legal services and processes.
  • Dynamic Knowledge Management ponders the ways law firms and clients are trying to reinvent knowledge management in order to gain competitive advantage.
  • The Legal Blockchain discusses practical implications of the blockchain technology on the legal industry and how law firms are beginning to work with it.
  • Legal Project Management offers practical LPM examples by renowned subject-matter experts, as many law firms are still facing challenges to embrace this concept.

Built on the artificial intelligence theme of Lexpo´17

A year ago Lexpo’s main theme was artificial intelligence and its potential in the legal industry. Compared to my high expectations, the topic was then discussed at a relatively general level. AI seemed to work better for marketing purposes towards end customers than for actually improving law firm operations. However, the significance of artificial intelligence is expected to grow by leaps and bounds during the coming years.

Lexpo´18 continues smoothly from the artificial intelligence theme. For example, interest towards knowledge management has increased particularly due to the rise of artificial intelligence, smart documents and client-facing knowledge applications. My main interests in the event are knowledge management and project management, although I believe that the legal blockchain theme with speakers such as Brian Kuhn and David Fisher will probably gain the biggest attention.

All time favorite: Future trends

Future trends are always interesting. So, I look forward to hearing John Alber’s visions on the future trends of the legal industry. He opens the second day and hopefully approaches the topic from the business intelligence perspective.

I’m also eager to hear Robert Ambrog’s presentation on the gap that exists between innovation and the legal practice. According to the agenda, his session will also offer solutions for law firms to better keep pace with innovations in the legal technology.

Panel discussion tips

During the the first Lexpo day, Patrick Didomenico moderates an interesting panel discussion ”How modern knowledge management adds real value to the client relationship”. On the second day, panelists, moderated by Kim Craig and David Rueff, will share their thoughts on ”Becoming a believer - Using LPM to remain competitive in the changing legal market”.

I have already highlighted these panel discussions in my personal agenda and have great expectations for both of them. At least a year ago panel discussions offered nice and concrete examples between presentations which sometimes may get quite abstract.

The unofficial program may surprise

I expect to be able to fit into the two Lexpo days also many interesting conversations with other Lexpo participants. At their best, such conversations can be as valuable as the official speeches in the event program.

So, I very much look forward to see what Amsterdam has to offer and believe that it won’t let me down this time, either.

Mikko Hämäläinen

CSI Helsinki, Sales Director, Partner

Gets motivated by meeting new customers and finding solutions for their problems. Passionate about reading, and believes in continuous self-development.